Hi! I’m Claudia 🙂 I’m 16 years old and I live in Italy. I’d like to improve my spanish and french, but I can speak english too.

I’m new to this penpal thing, but I’m so happy about it! Here are some of my main interests:

– tv shows (such as Sherlock, Doctor Who, The Flash, Orphan Black, and many more..)
-Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Marvel universe…(yeah, I know)
-Music. Mostly ‘60/‘70 stuff.
-Art. I totally love the Impressionism.
I just want someone I can talk with about everything, I don’t have any preferences. So I’m here:) I’m looking forward to send snail mail (even if I’m not really good at drawing). 
You can send me an email: claudiabattaglia99@gmail.com

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