Name: Tahya 
Age: 16 (17 in nov)
Gender: Female
Location: Utah USA  
Language: English

My interest are Photography, television (american horror story), Music (thebeatles and t.rex), shopping, dancing, and all around having fun!

I mostly want one penpal ( female) ages 16-18 someone to send snail mail, emails, and after a while packages back and forth with. I love getting presents and sending presents. i also love writing letters! i need  someone with alot of time on their hands so they respond fast because i am not in school and have alot of time to respond to you! so lets be friends!! (:  sorry i couldnt uploade a pic but i can send one if you email snap or kik me!

contact me on:
email: tahyac15 @
snapchat: sweetsweltry15
kik: tahyac15                                                                                       

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