Hi! My name is Kelley and I’m 19 years old. I’m currently a sophomore in college and work part time at a local drugstore/pharmacy. 

I live in New Jersey, US but I’m hoping to transfer colleges and attend a university in New York, US within the next year.

LOVE LOVE LOVE makeup, I read memoirs, manga, non-fiction, fiction, mystery, and I especially love young adult novels, music (I’m really open to all kinds of genres) anime, food, coloring books, stationery, planner decorating, animal lover, blogger, watching netflix, and playing sims whenever I actually have the time.

I’m okay with mailing or emailing someone between 17-25, from anywhere around the world and with all types of interests! Your sexuality doesn’t matter to me nor does your religion. I’ve done this before but people just fall off on it, which sucks. I only speak english with little knowledge of spanish but I’m open to learning any language! 

I don’t have much time to actually hang out or socialize, so I’m looking for people I can talk to via snail mail or email.  I’d like to talk through email before snail mail and move into packages later on. 

I would like someone thats okay with me over decorating my letters to them and maybe would do that same back? (: If not, thats okay too. Just be open minded and want to actually become long time friends! 

My tumblr:
My email: burgask @ iCloud . com
Instagram: kelluhb
Blog ( I usually post whenever I can) :

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