Pen pal <3


Name: Leah
Age: 21
Gender: Female
 Language(s): English, very limited Korean
Location: Ohio (US)
Occupation: College/ Senior year/ video student

Interests & hobbies: Fashion, Film, Video, History of Film, Psychology, cosmetology, creating things, installations, documentaries, animation, Korean tv and music, sewing, baking and cooking,

Likes: –>

  • Music: I love alot of different music all depends on my mood, here is some music I listen to often…Kpop, Indie Korean music, rock and roll, classical, pop, pop punk…pretty much everything but country…Nicki Minaj is Bae
  • Movies: Harry potter, The Hunger Games, Sunny, Old Boy, The Hobbit (LOTR)
  • Books: Harry Potter, informational books, Historical books, psychology books 
  • Television: Orange is the new black, Parks and Rec, The office, American Pickers, Bad Ink, Pawn Stars, any kind of educational show that’s fun to watch

Dislikes: Homophobia, close minded people, judgmental people, being alone, rude jokes

What I wish for in a pen pal: I am for both snail mail and email, more so email with maybe a hand written letter every now and then. I would love to get connected with someone from Korea if possible, because I will be going to Korea after college and would love to learn as much as possible and make connections and friends before I go…I just would love to learn as much as possible! I have no gender preferences or sexuality preferences, I am open to meeting new people and exploring new places and things.

How to contact me: On here please!!!!

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