Teisha Hernandez, 16, Utaha

Diagnosis: Clinical depression, social anxiety, mild insomnia

Interests/hobbies: I love nature. Hiking helps me a lot, when I can get myself out of bed to do it. I love art and music as well. I have played the flute for almost six years as well as played volleyball for just as many. 

Music: I like many different genres like Indie, Alternative, Rap, Comedy. Some of my favorite artists are Bo Burnham, Watsky, G-Eazy, Kyle and D-Why. 

TV shows/movies: Teen Wolf, Catfish, American Horror Story, The Breakfast Club, Harry Potter (ask me about it). 

What I’m looking for: Someone who I can do my best to stand by when they need me and who can do the same for me.

Contact: Kik (HeiiTerr), Snapchat (TeiiDezz), Skype, Tumblr (TeiDez), Facebook, Instagram (Teishbraat)

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