Natalie, 20

British Columbia, Canada

General Anxiety Disorder, Atypical Depression


Theatre, dancing, writing and playing music, cooking, psychology, cognitions, Vlogbrothers, DIY, baking, Yoga, scary movies, hiking, going on long drives with friends and parking at view points in order to escape for a little while. I love the ocean. Water is my calm and happy place.


A little bit of everything, it depends on my mood. I love happy, upbeat top 40! Adore orchestral music and musicals with big orchestras. Into light house and edm, mostly in top 40 remixes. 

TV Shows/Movies:

The Good Wife, Pretty Little Liars (guilty pleasure), Downton Abbey, Doctor Who, Sherlock, 50 First Dates, We’re The Millers, Gone Girl, Memoirs of a Geisha, E.T., The Lorax, Totoro, Spirited Away, ANYTHING with Jennifer Aniston/Cameron Diaz/Kate Hudson/Katherine Heigel (Yes, I love those trashy rom-coms)

What you are looking for in a penpal? 

Someone to talk to, about anything and everything. Someone who can really understand what it’s like to crave human interaction but feel physically ill when an opportunity arises. Someone who knows what it feels like to have dreams but absolutely no will to accomplish them, and then feel hopeless and pathetic. Someone who knows what it’s like to feel useless and utterly disappointing to everyone around them. But most importantly, someone who wants to try and overcome those feelings, together. 

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