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Hi, I’m Kira, from Missouri in the U.S.A. I’m 16 and a female. I am not diagnosed with anything but I’m pretty sure that is just because I haven’t gotten the courage to confess any feelings or thoughts about what I think I might have issues with.

I believe I have issues with Self Harm, I used to Self Harm in the past and struggle with keeping myself from doing it on a day to day basis. I believe I also have issues with Generalized Anxiety and Panic Attacks, I worry constantly about things not yet accomplished and other problems in my life. I have regular panic attacks. I have also been through many, many hardships with relationships within my family and in my environment. I had been living in the middle of an abusive relationship between my mother and her ex. He is in prison now for harrassing me, but I’m not really going to get into my whole backstory, for the sake of that it may scare potential pen pals away. I struggle with Depression and PTSD from said traumatic events in my past.

Interests/Hobbies: I enjoy writing, writing letters, learning, making others happy, animals, music, film, studying, making friends, DIY, organizing and making lists. 

Qualities: I am very honest and loyal, I enjoy supporting others and making people happy. I am very open minded and not judgmental at all towards anyone.

Music: I listen to everything, and music is a very good icebreaker for me! I love listening to new music and making themed playlists. (If I existed in the era where it was common to make mixtapes for others, I think I would be great at it!) I listen to: Led Zeppelin, The Doors, lots of all different kinds of Rap, mainly underground rap, Earl Sweatshirt, I listen to a lot of Frank Ocean, (patiently waiting for Boys Don’t Cry!!) and pretty much everything else. 

T.V. Shows/Movies

  • Completed
  • Attack on Titan
  • United States of Tara
  • Breaking Bad
  • Orange is the New Black
  • Bojack Horseman
  • probably some others I can’t remember

I like quirky comedy and slapstick drama. As for Movies, I am a huge Quentin Tarantino fanatic, (I have the “Bad Mother F***er” Wallet from Pulp Fiction) and as for genres I love psychological thrillers such as The Machinist, and American Psycho. I watch mainly movies I have already watched but here are my favorites: 

The Princess Bride

The Sandlot

Varsity Blues

Death Proof 

Super Troopers

To name a few 🙂 And because this is getting to be a novel about me, I will try to make this more manageable for those of you still reading.

PenPal Qualities and Requirements: 

I am looking for a penpal that is friendly, open-minded and has similar interests as me. Any gender, religion, sexuality is welcomed with open arms. <3 I will not tolerate any prejudices of any kind (homophobes, transphobic, racist, sexist, ageist, ableist, ect.) And you must be willing to confirm you are a real person. Must tolerate and/or send long emails and then eventually letters when we want to do snail mail. I enjoy physical letters from other people so I will eventually want to do snail mail within the U.S.A. only. Ages 15-19. Email, Snail Mail or both.



(my anxiety relief based tumblr is as well 🙂


kik: kira.anne23

P.S. I realize this submission is lengthy, but I believe that anyone willing to give me support, or have me help support them, must know a lot about me. 🙂

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