Looking for someone to understand me


Name: Coral
Age: 21
Location: Illinois
Diagnoses: I am too afraid to go to the doctors to talk to them.
Interests/Hobbies: I enjoy listening to music, reading WW2 autobiographies and biographies, reading nonfiction in general, being outside and near the beach, and watching Netflix.
Music: Reggae, reggae rock, punk, punk rock, rock, jazz, 60’s and 70’s rock. Rebelution, SOJA, Bob Marley, Operation Ivy, Rancid, The Doors, Jimmy Hendrix; just to name a few
TV shows/Movies: OITNB, Weeds, Breaking Bad, Bates Motel, Bloodline, Trailer Park Boys; not too big on movies
What are you looking for in a pen pal?
I would like to be able to talk to someone about my thoughts and theories without thinking I am out of my mind. I am not very good in social situations and making new friends. When it comes to friends I would rather just write/email because I get awkward and anxious in person and don’t know what to do when “hanging out”. I believe I am asexual and am hopeful to find someone who is similar so I can find some normalcy in my life
Please email me at shorty_luvz_SP@yahoo.com

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