Name: Ariel

Age: 29
Location: California, USA
Diagnosis: Bipolar II, Borderline Personality, self injury, bulimia nervosa
Interests/Hobbies: TV, Reading (Romance, Sci-fi, historical fiction), video games (Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Bioshock, Fallout, Skyrim), painting (watercolors), book arts, mixed media arts, photography, camping, hiking, working out
Music: Radiohead, Florence + The Machine, NIN, Grinderman, Pop music, R & B, an eclectic mix
TV Shows/Movies: The Mindy Project, weight loss shows, Hannibal, Orange is the New Black, Star Trek, MCU, Medical shows, Defiance, 
What you are looking for in a penpal? Age 20+, Long letters, short letters…someone who is not afraid to talk about themselves or listen to me ramble on about my life. I can get kind of detailed. I like exchanging art, mixes and small packages in the mail if you are up for that as well. 

send me an ask for my address

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