Looking for a new buddy


Hey y’all my name is Jeon and I am a female located in the Netherlands , who already tormented this earth for 16 years. 

I am searching for a rad person who I can exchange art, photography or letters/emails with! 

About me:

  • Because of some off my friends I have developed passion for longboarding and I would like learn to surf someday! 
  • I like rock, alternative rock, metal and indie (Muse, Rise Against, Artic Monkeys, Vampire Weekend, bullet for my valentine, Fall out boy e.t.c)
  • I have a light obsession with astrology and astronomy
  • And ofcourse I love drawing and photography
  • FOOD 
  • I enjoy reading manga and watching anime when I have time
  • I play the keyboard/piano and the flute (well, that’s a plottwist huh)
  • I like dying my hair hehe
  • Once I discovered that my phone had a panorama function and started to take trippy panorama’s of my friends since then huehuehue
  • I hate liars and judgemental people. 

Well I dont really have standards so if you are between the age of 15-20 then its fine ^^

contact me:
email: jeonzhang11 @ hotmail . com 
Tumblr: http://is-this-your-url.tumblr.com/

Have a nice day C:

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