Name: Nickname: Yai (or Goey) I will share my rl name in letters  unless you already know it somehow xDD
Age: 20
Location: Texas, USA
Languages spoken: English 

Interests: I love Hello kitty , anything “kawaii” and/odd – weird , I love fashion , drawing , writing, reading , crafting (I love making things by hand and sending them), Dancing , Singing, Foods, learning new things, horror movies and comedies
Music: *I listen to damn near everything* mainly House/Techno , HipHop/Trap, Classic Rock , jpop, Oldies
Sum up yourself in 10 words: Potty mouth ^^“ *working on that*, Goofy, Open-minded, Artsy, Moody , loving,  Weird, Netflixer, easygoing, shy-ish

What kind of penpal you would like: Anyone, I want to make friends from all over, perferably someone around my age , Im looking for snail-mail penpals ,so send me an email or message here

Im cool with E-pals too if you cant do snail mail

just sending stuff is funss , can be a mixture too thats cool beanss 

Email: mailboxyai @ 

*Small notes: Im Black , Pansexual

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