Snail Mail!


Hello, I’m Amanda. 

I guess ill start with the basics: I’m 23, and live in the U.S. (Kansas). I am looking for a couple snail mail pen pals and or art pals! I’m not really interested in email except to exchange addresses, and am not looking to Skype, etc. I just like to write letters, and feel like they are so much fun to receive!

Looking for any gender, any place in the world, but at least 18 and up! 

Here’s a few quick things about me….I love animals and am in a veterinary technician program at college. I have a dog and visit a small ranch quite often. I love to read and couldn’t survive without coffee. It could be the end of the world and I would fight off zombies to find coffee to brew over a fire. I watch a lot of movies, especially horror movies, and also do a lot of outdoor activities, and art/craft stuff.

I am atheist, and don’t really like to get into religious discussions, but I have no prejudice against people of other faiths and so definitely wouldn’t mind if you are religious. I’m just throwing it out there for those concerned.

I would love to talk about our interests, daily lives, goals, fears, complaints, whatever!! It would be nice to form a bit of a friendship with some other people out in the world!

If you are interested in giving it a shot, please email (best way to contact me): @ hotmail. com

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