Looking for penpals yaay


Hello ! My name is Sarah and I’m a teen (I’m sixteen and I’ll be seventeen in march aaah can’t wait!) living in Paris! I kind of love everything..

I mean I love 
☆movies (marvel, The Hobbit, Harry Potter (Slytherin here!) Need for speed.. but also every other movies!) 
☆tv shows (Supernatural, teen wolf, parks and recreations,suits, orange is the new black, sherlock, how I met your mother, sense8..) 
☆music (Ed Sheeran, Halsey, Fall out boy, Years&Years, 5SOS, The Janoskians, Hozier..) 
☆books (The Shatter me saga, The song of Achilles, Will&Will..) 
☆I also love comics! (Marvel, DC Comics..) 
☆KPOP (BTS, GOT7, Seo in Guk, Day6, Crush, Bumkey,FTIsland, Red Velvet, Seventeen..) 
☆anime (Black Butler, Kyoukai no Kanata, Splash Free!, Heart no Kuni no Alice..) 
☆Kdramas (High school king, Modern Farmer, Hello Monster..) 
I also love to play video games, to write, to do cosplay, to draw, dye my hair, and to do a lot of other cute things haha.

Things I hate? Well, homophobic, sexist, rude people, people who judge others 

I am looking someone nice (of course) around my age, I don’t really care about your gender, sexuality, country, I just want to see new people! 

I would love to snail mail, emails are fine too but I love sending and receiving things! Especially little objects or drawings ! So package pals are welcome ! Maybe using skype later (because I’m really shy and I hate my voice so I don’t like talking to people ahah)

I can speak french and english (and I’m learning korean and spanish!)

Feel free to send me a message ! 

My tumblr urls are (astrojimin.tumblr.com)
and (ewwintersoldier.tumblr.com/
but I’d prefer if you send me an email at amberemilyrpg @ hotmail.fr
(I know this is a really lame email adress ugh)
and my instagram is : astroeos ! 

I hope I will hear more from you soon!

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