Hi everyone! My name is Chloe and I’m 26, from New Zealand and I love roller skating.

I’d love to find (multiple?) a penpal from anywhere in the world; it’d be even better if they spoke French as I’m slowly learning! I’d love to exchange letters, postcards, packages – even something like ticket stubs or a photo of your hometown. It’ll inspire me to travel more. 🙂

Likes/about me: roller derby, reading, movies, netflix, walking dogs, looking after kids (I’m a nanny), skating st the skate park, swimming. I love tea, most food! I’m vegan, love love love animals – especially cows and dogs! I have a big family and love people, but I suffer from anxiety and I tend to shy away so I don’t have lots of friends. I’m a feminist and love anything to do with it; just talking about it! I have a partner (who I met on tumblr almost 4 years ago) called Ellen who is wonderful and I love her dearly.

I love BBC Sherlock, OITNB, Scrubs, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games. Books! So many books. I quite enjoy instagram because I can find pics/videos of kick ass skaters (check out the hash tag chicksinbowls) that I can aspire to be like. Music! I keep remembering things. Paramore are my fave but I love lots.

Dislikes: loud noises that scare me, animals abuse, racisim/sexism/all of the isms! I can’t think of anything else on this list right now but I’m sure there’s more!

Anyway, I’d love to meet people from all over and share New Zealand with you!! Any gender, location etc – I don’t care about religion or anything like that. 

The best way to contact is thru tumblr (
or instagram (@miserybusiness215).

I hope to hear from you soon!


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