please dont mind the random sting ray

Hey, Im Eleanor, im 18 and i live in Florida, US but am originally from England.

My email is eleanor1267 @ outlook .com

I love my music as it is pretty much my life! Im planning on going to the technical sound industry (so touring and stuff) once i am able to work. I mainly listen to bands like Green Day, Blink 182 etc but do listen to other stuff as well. I love reading (mainly teen fics and fanfics) and love tv shows like Supernatural, Arrow, Flash, Stargate etc. I also really suck as describing myself.

I would love a Snail Mail pen pal whos about 17-20 and i would prefer someone of the male gender as i dont usually get on well with girls for some reason whos first language is English and who lives in North America.

My random fact….I prefer Vinyls over iTunes anyday 

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