Hey my name is Jocelyne 🙂 20yrs old. I’m located in Las Vegas, Nevada (US). 

I like books, movies, coffee, greys anatomy, sleeping, meeting new people, road trips, FOOD, animals, music, open-minded people, the color red 🙂 & a great sense of humor.

I dislike racism, negative people, donald trump, spanish tv shows (there so dramatic and terrible actors lol).

What I’m looking for in a penpal: Someone who will keep in contact lol, I would love an international pen pal, getting to know someone else’s culture is fascinating to me. Snail mail would be so much fun! Skype too. 

Ways to contact me:
jocelynejimenez55 @
snapchat/instagram: joceyybabe

Hope to hear from you guys!! 🙂

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