“hello world!”

name: simon
place: switzerland
age: 19
languages: english, german, a bit of french

currently studying electronical engineering

I really want to meet some awesome people from other countries, and talk with them about things, get to know new stuff or exchange little things (like random pictures of ouselfes, drawings, CDs ect).

  • likes: skateboarding, PCs, comics, drawing, programming, legend of Korra, collecting vinyls, tea, cyberpunk, lgbtq+, coziness, the internet and lots of other things
  • music: I am a complete breakbeat addict !!!, like Dubstep, 2-Dtep, DnB and now starting to go into Jazz, Funk and Hiphop. I love Burial, Synkro, MrSuicideSheep, Monstercat
  • random fact: I can totally sing “the elements” by Tom Lehrer

looking for: Snail Mail, Skype, or whatever you prefer, I haven’t done any of these — simon.burkhardt (at)

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