Lazy American Artist


Hi everyone! My name is Jasmyne and I reside in Ohio of the U.S.! I am 21 yrs old, a student and going through that unknown stage of life where I’m not yet an adult with a full time career, and not yet looking forward to it 🙂 

I am a lazy artist who loves to draw and paint! Poetry intrigues me, but I’ve never had a way with words like I do with the brush. I am also a traveler and aspiring supermodel haha! I’m 5’11 but don’t let that scare you!

I got my first penpal when I was in high school but she fell of the map, then I got a second one from here whom I haven’t heard from in a while. So I guess I’m looking for CONSISTENCY!

I’d love a snail mail and/or email penpal! I write letters but sometimes with school, I’m forced to email. And who knows, maybe one of us will run out of stamps, or travel somewhere new with a weird post office or the letter will be eaten.. so I’m flexible with the mode of communication ^_^

I prefer female from ages 20-25, from anywhere but preferably from out of the country! I love to send letters and sometimes little packages (when my money is right), and to just a have friend! English only please!

Dislikes: RACISM AND INJUSTICE, selfie sticks and Donald Trump.

Likes: Avatar: the last airbender, Hey Arnold, Naked and Afraid, drawing, singing, shopping, KARLIE KLOSS AND OBAMA! I LOVE MY PRESIDENT!

A random fact about me is that while in a Chipotle in Alabama, I was scouted by the SAME woman who scouted Naomi Campbell!!!

If you’d like to know more please contact me through my tumblr ask! 

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