Hallo! My name is Hannah 🙂

I have submitted a few times before and have two great penpals. However, I would not mind having one or two more. I am living abroad and so I love to share my experience while making new friends 🙂

  • 18 years old
  • An American living in Germany
  • English and Intermediate German

Hobbies: Painting, illustrating and animation, piano, writing and language learning
Likes: Art, literature, culture, music, hiking, travel, meeting new people and soccer
Dislikes: Ignorant people who do not accept others for who they are. I highly dislike closed minded people.

What I am looking for:

  • 17 -24
  • Any gender
  • Any country, other than the U.S., France and Gemany (Because I already have penpals from these places). I would love to have a penpal who would like to exchange art or cultural things. Also, someone who would like to teach me words in their language and I will teach them words in languages I know 🙂
  • I love to talk to people, so do not be shy 🙂 you can contact me on the following:

or my email: Hannahmahoney29 @

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