Looking for Pen Pal


Hi everyone, I suck at this kind of thing so please be patient.
Name: Lucia
Age: 15
Country: Italy
Languages: English, Italian, i have a basic knowledge of French and Spanish.

Likes: Disney Films, Bruce Springsteen, Glee, Writing, Rock n’ Roll Music, Sense8, Japanes and Korean food, Tea, Alice in Wonderland, Old Cameras, Travel books, Canada, Asian Stuff, Brighton, On The Road, Billy Joel.

Dislikes: Omophobic (I strongly believe in LGBTQ+ rights) and other kind of discrimination. This is the only thing, i shall not judge you for what you like and dislike, i want to share opinions.

What i’m looking for: I would prefer to talk with guys of my age (14-17). Any country or gender, i’m in interested in every culture, i’m craving to know more about different ways of life around the world.

Contact: I would prefer firstly to talk by emails, then if we get to know eachother maybe we could start snail mailing or doing FaceTime. If you want to briefly introduce yourself to me on my Tumblr it would be great! I definitely don’t bite (Unless i get to know that you’re a big caramel donut).
I prefer not to share my email here, if you want it, you only have to ask on my Tumblr.

Tumblr: lasciachenevichi.tumblr.net

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