I go by Ab too. 20, Georgia USA, herlipswerered @

I watch Marvel, DC, OINB, Orphan Black, WTNV, The Flash, and a bunch of other shows. I like talking about them and would love to do that with you, whoever you are. I knit and sew, Im a STEM major in college, I own a cat, I am a queer individual, I am an independent (politically), and i have an abounding love (re:addiction) to coffee. I would love to talk science with you.

I would like an email pen pal, within +/- 5 years of my age. things like sharing photos would be at our own discretion and comfort level. That being said, should it ever be confortable I do awesome care packages. also, I do not Skype much but the same applies.

fun fact: my email comes from an epic poem that i only know like six lines of.

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