My name is Megan, I am 19 years old and live in Maryland (USA).

I speak English and some pretty terrible Spanish.

You can contact me through my email which is: mpk015@gmail.com or my tumblr: tearmy-heart.tumblr.com

I love Greys Anatomy, Harry Potter, and Doctor Who, otherwise I don’t have much time to watch anything else.
My favorite book (currently) is “All the Light We Cannot See”

I’m a nursing student so I love science and anything that will teach me something I didn’t know. I love exploring and experiencing new things.

I’m looking for friends between the ages 19-24, but really any out of that range is fine too and from any location or gender.
Prefer them to speak English or things may get a bit confusing.

Preferred method of contact: email or tumblr! (then maybe snail mail once I know who I’m talking to)

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