~Name: Spencer
~Age: 16
~Location: New Hampshire, USA

~Likes/Interests: Aw Man there’s a lot! I’m into a lot of fandoms. 

  • Homestuck being my main one but i’m also interested in Steven Universe, Teen Titans, Ghost Adventures, Rick And Morty, OFF, and Rick And Morty. 
  • I love to cosplay though I’m not in a spot financially ot be able to do so. 
  • I’m really interested in psychology and I’m planning to go to college for it, probably to be a therapist. 
  • I love writing! Mostly I write short stories and sometimes poems. 
  • I also like to draw though I’m not very good at it. 
  • I love space and anything to do with space! Like aliens and other worlds and stuff like that! 
  • I love clowns! Don’t know why I just do! 
  • I also love anything horror or paranormal related. 
  • I enjoy having deep, serious conversations with friends and often love to understand the deeper meaning of things. 

~Dislikes: Any type of hatred/discrimination (homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, etc). Arrogance. Chocolate (most of the time), doing hard physical things, mornings, and gender roles. 

~Things You Should Know: I’m pansexual. I’m also transgender ftm so please respect my pronouns (he/him). I often have a hard time keeping up with messaging people (I have anxiety and depression so sometimes it’s hard to keep up with things) so i’m sorry in advance if i randomly don’t respond to you! I’ll do my best though!

~What I’m Looking For: Anybody who speaks fluent English is welcome (I don’t speak any other languages sadly)! I have no preferences on gender, sexuality, or location. I do ask you’re between the ages of 15 and 18 though! I’d love someone who’s willing to have deep conversations, or shares some of the same fandoms i’m in! At first i’d prefer talking through email (tumblr/kik/texting works also), then hopefully move onto snail mail! I’d love an art pal/package pal also, i’d love to send my writing/poems and other things! 

~Contact: Tumblr:
Email: Karkatvsolluxc @

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