Eve / Greece / 17 / Greek, English and German

Hallo 🙂 Like many of you here, I’m looking for a snail-mail pal to exchange letters and other little things, like everyday objects you’d normally throw away (bus tickets, metal cups etc). I love these little things. 

So, I’m a musician and an artist in general. I love art! I play the viola and the piano, I watch a lot of movies – not only Hollywood – as well as TV-series, and listen to tons of music, I love reading and writing, photography… Well, I think you get my point, how I like all kinds of art. 

I’d be interesting if one of you was from a German-speaking place, so we could maybe talk in German! But that’s not necessary… 🙂 If you are interested, go ahead: //  eva . taouktsi @

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