Name: Emily

Location: Michigan, USA 

Age: 16


Likes: I am passionate about all forms of art, whether it’s drawing, painting, writing, photography.. I love working with clay. I love being outdoors. I play tennis a lot, I played soccer for ten years. I listen to many types of music, mostly soft rock, indie or country. I watch a lot of cheesy TV shows (almost embarrassed to admit), like “Friends”, “Gilmore Girls” and “Hart of Dixie”. I like all types though. 

Dislikes: The doors, drugs, people who are mean?

I am looking for someone to speak with, whether that is through email, snapchat, or snail mail, either way! Deep conversations, small talk, gift exchanges? I’d just like to hear about someones life. Any age, any gender, that stuff doesn’t really matter to me. 

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