Alexa-19- Las Vegas, Nevada / Buffalo, NY

(darksummerstars @ gmail . com ) 

About me: Hey there! I’m Alexa, i’m a sophomore in college studying Film with a minor in Music Technology, I was born and raised in Buffalo, New York but i chose to go to Las Vegas for school for some odd reason. I love to travel a lot but i’ve never been outside of the U.S. (besides to Canada/Niagara Falls). Read below to find out what i like and what i’m looking for in a pen pal.

Likes: Anything Disney (theme park or movie related), anything about Universal Studios (movie and theme park related), astrology, traveling, urban exploration, abandoned buildings, local bands, pop punk, indie, instrumental, piano, going to shows, longboarding, hiking, adventures, history, drawing, painting, reading, poetry, sunflowers etc. 

Dislikes: People who are close minded and can’t accept other people’s point of views, people who don’t listen and only talk about themselves, sushi, running, drama. 

I am looking for a pen pal preferably from another country (United States will be acceptable too) that are 18+ and use English as one of their first languages. Snailmail is preferred with letters and small crafty gifts (sometimes).

RANDOM FACT: I’ve been to the UFO Museum, the Walt Disney family museum, & the Elvis Museum/Graceland 

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