What to say about me?

About Me:

I’m Chelsey.  27 from Michigan,USA. Pagan, writer, avid fan of many things – books, writing, anime, movies, snail mail, and Doctor Who. Yes, I know, I’m a nerd. I love my nerdyness.


reading, writing, DnD, Facebooking, penpalling, watching movies and anime, playing video games.

What I’m Looking For:

A penpal who enjoys the same things I do. Someone who will write more than a few letters and then stop, someone who I can talk to and connect with. Who’s willing to discuss everything from anime characters and OTPs to the main issues of the day to religion. I love discussing anything that stimulates the mind. If you feel like your that person message me. I love people and I promise to at least read and reply to your first message.

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