My name’s Alli and I live in the U.S.  I have several pen pals already (who I love, don’t get me wrong), but I would love to talk to more people!  I’m submitting this mainly because I have a huuuge passion for film and cinematography, and need somebody to talk about it with!  I don’t have too many requirements on who I want to write, but if you love film, you should definitely leave a message tumblr! Even if you don’t want to talk about film, I’d still love to write you.  I also love: nature, photography, reading, traveling, concerts, writing/blogging, and pretty much any kind of music.  (I’m a huge One Direction fan too, but I promise I won’t talk your ear off about it).  Having pen pals from the states would be convenient, but anywhere in the world would be just as fascinating!  I’m obsessed with: Los Angeles, New York, The U.K., and Italy, so it’d be a bonus if I made a friend from there.  I also promise I write people back quickly.

If you’re down: leave me a message at allisonder.tumblr.com! Hope to hear from some people soon:)

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