My name is Katie, I’m 24 from England!
I’ve had penpals since I was 14 and I’m now looking for some more! (I was a bridesmaid for one of my penpals that’s how close we are!)
I prefer snail mail and sending packages as I work full time so have more time to write during my lunch break then type on a computer!
My email address is katiecollins205@gmail.com however if you message my tumblr a-papergirl I will get back to you!

A brief intro –
I blog and sew in my spare time. I’m a fan of anime, cosplay, games and I love cute stationary and postcards!
I don’t have an age range that I would write to, however as I am slightly older I’d say 18+ but if you are younger and want to write to me and have permission etc then I’m happy to do so (Don’t want to cut people out aha.)
Also I don’t mind where you are located, I’ve had penpals from all over and in England as well so I’m not bothered! 🙂

A lot of my penpals have become life long friends who I’ve met up with or have on my social media such as facebook! Others we have kept it low key and exchanged culture facts and parcels with sweets common to our countries.
So if you’re keen to know more, just message me somewhere and we can talk!

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