Nerd Looking For Fellow Nerd.


Hello! My name is Casey. I am 20, white, and I live in Alabama, USA. I am a cis female so I use she/her pronouns. I am asexual/aromantic with an INTJ personality.

Ever since I graduated from High School I’ve been losing friends left and right. I have never actually tried to make friends before (they just kinda happened at school) and I really don’t know how to make them now. I just have one best friend now and she has been a little too busy with her new job to talk/hang with me lately. So here I am.

I am looking for someone I can write to by snail mail. I like writing old fashioned letters but I haven’t done it in years. Unfortunately, I don’t have WiFi or a way to be online all the time. I also live in the country so I don’t have reliable signal on my cell. So email will be hard to do and Skype is out. 

I would like to write letters and possibly exchange little gifts. I will probably rant about my love for the multiple fandoms I am in. The main ones being Marvel, Supernatural, Teen Wolf, and Harry Potter (I’m Slytherin). I am in a lot more. I also have lots of ships and read a bunch of fanfics. I watch entirely to much TV.

  • What I don’t want is someone who is looking for a romantic relationship, rascists, ship shamers, and queerphobes. 
  • I would prefer someone in my own age group (18-25). 
  • Any gender (cis, trans, or otherwise), race, sexuality, etc is fine by me as long as mine are fine by you. 
  • English speaker/writer.  

(Sorry if this was too long.)


Contact – casey.bowen @

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