I’m Ellen, I’m 20 years old and I come from Sweden. I should start with being honest. I’m not very good with replying very fast, and I will probably blame the mailing system. Sometimes I talk to much about myself and forget to ask questions back. I hate astrology. I don’t own any stickers and I don’t know how to make pretty envelopes or letters. 

Okay, now when that’s out of the way, I hope someone is still left. I’m here, obviously, looking for a pen pal. I’ve studied history at uni for half a year, now I’m taking a break to work and travel for another half a year, before starting a law degree. I have one pen pal, but I’d like some more. I suck at e-mailing, so preferably it would be a snail mail pen pal. 

I like traveling, sailing (which is what I’m doing in my picture), reading, politics, history, drawing, chocolate cake and alcohol. I dislike war, monkeys and heights. I hope to work either with politics or a non profit organisation in the future. 

My ideal pen pal would be someone around my age (i.e. 18+) whom I could discuss books, opinions, philosophy and daily things with in long letters. Gender or country doesn’t matter. I’d like my pen pal to be honest and interesting, and I hope I can be the same.

You can reach me at verde.ellen@gmail.com, or my blog; terra-admirare.tumblr.com! 


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