hi so, I’m Julia
I’m looking for a pen pal ((females only))
I live in California, U.S.
I’m 17 about to be 18 in oct
~I’m very open minded & will talk to you about anything
~I love music but I haven’t been able to really discover new music lately due to the fact that I’ve been busy with other stuff, so I’d like someone who loves music also and would like to share their favorite bands/artists with me (anything is fine, but I’m looking to discover more bands-like indie rock)
~ love talking about weird shit
~I like messing around with makeup
~ taking photos (if u know anything about photography or makeup holla at me cause ima beginner)
~ love art, nature
~I enjoy to sing and dance
~ love the day and night (but especially night)
~ I like learning new things and expanding my knowledge

I prefer ur age to be 17-21
looking for someone with similar interests as I, it doesn’t really matter what country u live in. I want to talk about things such as our perspectives/views on things. just want to create a good relationship with new people & send each other cute things 🙂

if u are interested contact me by email, or message me on my tumblr

email: itsmehulia@gmail.com
tumblr : http://iluaj.tumblr.com

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