I run a fashion and beauty blog


First name: Laura

Age: 17

Location: UK

Languages I speak: English

About me: 

  • I run a fashion and beauty blog
  • I binge watch TV shows on Netflix 
  • I own way too many shoes
  • I run a small shop on Big Cartel called ‘Laura Shannon Designs’
  • I have a large collection of Vogue magasines 
  • I want to travel 
  • I have a strange, unexplainable phobia of seaweed. 

What I would like in a penpal:

  • Age: Between 16 to 19
  • Location: Anywhere
  • Language: English
  • Gender: Preferably Female

Email – lauraxshannon @ gmail.com
Tumblr – theharmonyrain.tumblr.com/ask

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