I love positive and open minded people!


Hey, people!  I’m Fábio! I’m from Leiria, Portugal and I am 21 years old!

I love positive and open minded people! I like to travel and discover new places with good and different vibes!

I have big dreams: I want to be an actor! I study drama in a good school in Lisbon and I love to entertain people! For me, there’s nothing better like to make a friend smile! I love to explore emotions!

  • I love big citys like New york, London, L.A, Paris! If you live in those citys I would love to talk to you!
  • I also love different races and cultures! 
  • I would love to talk with girls and boys. Straights, gays or lesbians: I’m very open minded!
  • I am addicted to TV-SHOWS AND BOOKS! 😀 

I don’t like negative, arrogant and rude people. I stay away from those kind of people. I also hate people who act like their are superior than rest of the world. I hate spiders. And i don’t feel good when I see blood, I am really sensitive when its all about blood and wounds, and that’s because I can’t see people in pain.

I try to keep bad feelings out of me. Hate is a strong bad feeling, and I try to not feel that (unless you are a spider ahah).

I search people who love art, specially Drama and cinema. I also like photography! 

I want  (preferentiallySnail Mail – I want to make special friends to trade letters! Trade small gifts! That’s what you can expect from me! And I expect the same from you! But, very important: I expect you don’t forget to sent me the letter, cause I won’t forget too! 🙂

But.. If your search for a skype friend, then it would be cool as well! I love skype and video call!

Random Fact: I love donuts! Like I REALLY LOVE DONUTS!

If you to trade adresse’s and talk to me about the snail mail or skype this is my tumblr:

Fábio – get-cape-wear-cape-fly.tumblr.com/

Thanks! Kisses And Hugs! 🙂

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