Hi there, my name is Tania, I’m 24 years old and I´m from Mexico, currently.

I’m trying to study english and french and I would love to “snail mail” with people from everywhere, (guys and girls, it doesn’t matter ) of course I wanna chat online too, but the snail mail thing is new for me, and sounds great, I´m not too much into Skype, I must be honest, but maybe after a time of “meeting” someone I can use it too to chat…

Likes: Honest people, friendly people, people who doesn’t judge for your ethnicity or your appearance…I love Anne Rice books and some goth stuff, I consider myself Pagan, but I respect all religions, I don´t have a favorite music genre, I love Doctor Who and David Tennant , I love to read, read and more read…I don’t know what else to say haha…

Dislikes : racist people, homophobic people, people who judge you by your ethnicity and your physical appearance, bullying, etc.

So, if you think I could be “a bit ” interesting send me a message to my Tumblr:

Age doesn´t matter (18-99 yrs , will be fine 😛 ha)

…Sorry if my english is too bad! I will try to improve it!

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