Name: Aimee

Location: Birmingham, England

Languages: English

About Me: I’m an Aries so take from that what you will. I’m curious and always trying to find something new to learn about, easy going, non-judgemental, open minded and love self-sustainability. Although I’m laid back I have a ridiculously low tolerance for arrogance and disrespectful people and behaviour. If you’re mean, condescending or aggressive then I’m not the panpal for you, buddy. I’m creative and I love knitting, cross stitching and designing all kinds of things. I love having deep and meaningful conversations aswell as being goofy and daft.

What I’m Looking For: I’m open to a pen-pal of any age, though I’d prefer 21+ just for the life experience similarity. International would be amazing (US or Canada would get double points). To start with I’d like to email to begin with just so we can get a feel for each others vibes then once we’re comfortable, we can start snai-mailing and occasionally sending little packages, because I think they’re awesome.

Contact info: For now, message me over Tumblr and I will give you my personal email address.

Contact: http://asthesea-breezehitsmylungs.tumblr.com/

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