Name: Brianna/Rian

: IN, US

: 17

About me:
I’m in my first semester of college, I’m bisexual and genderfluid, and I have purple hair 

: sherlock, supernatural, marvel, art, fashion, hats, bowties, boots, rain, disney, Alice in Wonderland, mythology, reading, All time Low, P!atD, BVB,MCR..etc, some country music.

: homophobia-transphobia-bullies-seafood-the color orange-oranges-orange juice

  • I really want a penpal who can be a good friend. I want someone I can talk to besides my two friends (and one of them is my boyfriend).
  •  I would like my pen pal to be around 17-19 So we have some things in common. English speaking, because I only know one language (I do know a bit of german though- wasn’ very good at it).
  • I could do E-mail, skype, or snail mail, I like all of them

If you’d like to be my penpal shoot me an E-mail with something about yourself!

Contact me – panda23452 @

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