I’m interested in music


  Hello! My name’s Inna, 18, from Ukraine.
  I’m interested in music: former last fm addict, all i need is a ticket to pitchfork festival or primavera, also waiting for emo revival in Ukraine.
  I like films, but i’m not a cinemaholic. I admire Xavier Dolan.
In literatury i’m fascinated by bit generation (who wanna become dharma bums with me?) and cursed poets.
   Must confess that i love all about mass culture like shopping in h&m, Lana Del Rey songs, mcdonalds, tumblr, soft grunge etc. Because all cool things will become mainstream one day.                                                                            And actually i study medicine. Love anatomy and my weird professors.              I wanna find penpals (girls and pro-feminist boys) from all over the world! I love honest and kind people who don’t judge others. Write me please ❤

kik: tokmakova 

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