snail mail or email?


Hiya! I’m Emily and I’m 18 years old from Brisbane, Australia. I’m just looking for a pen pal whom I can email and maybe possibly snail mail. I’m currently taking a break from job searching and university to focus on myself and meet new people and make friends 🙂 

My utmost favourite things include music, drawing crappy little doodles on just about anything, learning how to play songs on my piano and ukulele as well binge watching tv shows all day. I’m always up to talking and discovering new things be it listening to a new song or baking something foreign. I haven’t had a pen pal in ages and I really hope to get back into it. 

I’d also really love to be able to snail mail people, just for the fact that I love to send things such as small drawings and little trinkets or sweets. I’m hoping to make a new friend out of this and to share a new adventure that will last a long friendship.

Don’t hesitate to message me if you think we could be great pen pals! 🙂



Take care! x

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