Hello! I’m Tylah and I’m 20 years old from Melbourne, Australia. I have a few pen pals already but I love meeting/getting to know new people from around the world! I want a pen pal who wants to do snail mail with me, I’m not into the whole writing emails thing. Plus, I have over 300 cute envelopes that need to put to good use. Haha. I recently just moved to Melbourne with my girlfriend 🙂 I love nothing more than attending concerts, watching tv shows (I watch way too many) I love reading, new adventures and coffee. I’m a fangirl at heart but going into my twenties I am maturing so I would like a pen pal between the ages of 19-28. 

My Tumblr is: lxvatos.tumblr.com

Instagram: tylahhhmarie

Twitter: tylahhhmarie

Look forward to hearing from anyone (:

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