Hi everyone,

My name is Johane, I’m a 16 yo non-binary person from France.

I speak french, english and a bit of spanish.

I adore music, I mostly listen to (pagan/trash/folk/speed) metal but I’m totally open to others genres.

I really like reading books (currently the lord of the rings triology), watching movies (like pride, the wave, clockwork orange, big fish, v for vendetta, whiplash, matrix..) and series (like doctor who, hannibal, in the flesh, le visiteur du futur, sherlock, game of thrones..)

I love to travel in different places. Seing new landscapes, learning about local cultures and meeting peoples are things that interrest me a lot. The thing that I absolutely want to do in my life is to create a circus company with friends (I do trapeze, fire staff, hand-to-hand, and other stuffs) and doing a huge trip around the world during a long time living of our art.

So after some hesitations I decided to post here, I’m looking for someone between the age of 15 and 20 of any gender and romantic/sexual orientation from anywhere around the world that wants to share a longtime penpal adventure. Maybe after a certain time and if we can/want it could be awesome to visit each others ! I’d prefer to sen snail mails (mainly because of the lack of internet access in my dorm room) also because I like to draw and it would be possible to share doodles, photos, art stuffs and other things.

If you think that we could along well don’t hesitate and send me a message ! 🙂 

tumblr: nomodrac.tumblr.com

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