Hello loves,

Name: My name is Rafaela but a lot of people call me Ella
Age: I am twenty one years of age.
Gender: I am a female
Contact me by

I have my email connected to my phone so that would be the best way to reach me but if you do not have an e-mail address then I do check tumblr as often as I can.

I have had pen pals a long time ago but when I moved I lost contact with many of my pen pals and it saddened me. I recently realized how much I miss having pen pals and getting to know amazing people and taking time to just sit down and write to someone. I’m not a big social media person, the only reason I have so many social media accounts is because I was once a youtuber, I have had to since stop my youtube career because of personal reasons. I just truly enjoy how connected you can become to someone threw a letter.

A little bit about myself: I have a very big heart, I believe in making the world a happier place. I believe in having fun while you can and making the best of the day you have. I’m  very positive person, I am also protective over the ones I love. I DO NOT EVER judge anyone. I believe every human being is in there own way unique and beautiful. I love to read, it’s an addiction, I am about to start reading Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks. I enjoy being creative and silly and I am a clumsy person. I love old movies or movies that have a message in them. Some of my favorite movies include Anne of Green Gables, Les Miserables, The Notebook and a Walk to Remember and I do enjoy Twilight as well. Some of the tv shows I enjoy are some that are no longer on the air and ones that are such as Ghost Whisperer, Moonlight, The Vampire Diaries, Naked and Afraid, The Walking Dead and Ghost Adventures. My favorite books are any book by Nicholas Sparks.  I gravitate more towards novels and old tails then anything else. I enjoy a lot of music, I’m more a fan of older songs and I also enjoy songs by Ed Sheeran. I enjoy art as well, I’m actually an artist myself. Photography is also a passion of mine as well as animals. I have an adorable five year old dog named Lala who I love and I’ve grown up on farms almost all my life. I wish to learn French because I find it to be such an interesting language. Well I do not know what else I can possibly say and I’m sure we will get to know either other well threw our letters.

I hope you all have a beautiful inspiring day and I cannot wait to here from one or more of you.

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