Hi there! My name is Naomi and I am a 20 y/o girl from the Netherlands.  

I’m currently in my third year of University for Social Work. I’ve a passion for the community and I like to read and react to what’s going on in the world. In September I’m starting an internship and I’m going to work with refugees and if that’s not interesting enough, in February I will move to Sydney Australia to start an internship there too!

Enough rambling about my work, now on to the things I like:

  • Reading (fantasy, sci-fi and post apocaplyse are my absolute fav), currently I am reading the third book of the selection series. Series and movies, too many to name them all but my favorite series are: pretty little liars, the game of thrones, sense8, teen wolf and many more.  
  • I loooove music and I listen most to: rock, alternative, punkpop, electric and indie. 
  • I am really interested in exploring other cultures and I have a thing for Australia. 
  • I am very open to expand my knowlegde about everything and here and there I rant about feminism. 
  • I also work in a toy shop, so I am your local present adviser.  

Things I don’t like are closed minded people, rude people and the bus. I am absolutely terrified about anything that has to do with horror and/or gore.

Language: Dutch, English and basic German

Random facts about me:  

  • My one and only love is food
  • I am pretty good at arts and crafts
  • My friends say I make really funny/weird faces all the time
  • I have more male friends than female friends 

Looking for a penpal who is willing to share their funny, sad, happy, crappy stories and memories with me and who would like to exchange snail mail, small packages/gifts and knowledge with me. Hopefully you will move with me to Sydney when I’m going to live there.  

Oh and I don’t mind any gender, sexuality and culture. I’d only prefer you’d be in the age of 18-23

I am so sorry for this entire novel and I hope I get to make some new friends :D! 

You can contact me at:
or naomivandriel @

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