I am looking for someone between the ages of 17-24


my name is kalen, i live in south africa and i am 18


  • i like reading, some of my favourite authors are: markus suzak, john green, douglas adams, stephen chbosky and iain banks. 
  • i like series such as: game of thrones, adventure time, breaking bad, pretty little liars, big bang theory and new girl. 
  • music plays a big part in my life. i am a big fan of: brand new, newtown knife gang, nirvana, all time low, bon iver, foo fighters, jack johnson, queen, pink floyd, led zeppelin. mainly just rock, hard rock, indie, alternative rock and punk. 
  • i play the acoustic guitar but i kinda suck. 
  • i like food. no, i love food. 
  • i love animals and adventure. 

dislikes: narrow minded humans and judgmental humans. i also dislike weak coffee and people who sniff during exams. 

what i am looking for: just someone who i can talk to about weird and cool things. i am looking for someone between the ages of 17-24, i don’t mind from where.

how to contact me: instgram: kalenskie
tumblr: rudimental–dreamers.tumblr.com
and also via email: kalenkroese @ gmail  .com 

small fact about me: i am half german and can speak afrikaans fluently and basic german. 

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