My name is Víctor and I’m from Spain.

I’m 22 years old, but soon i’ll be 23.

I’m lab tech, and nursing student.

Likes: I love tea and coffee and things like writing, all kind of art like photography, drawing, music (the most of the music rock, indie rock, hard rock, punk…), films (Specially Serie B films, Drama, memories, like Kids, American Beauty, Drugstore Cowboy, Donnie Darko, Ken Park, Gummo, Prozac Nation, Spun, Dreamers, Thirteen, The Bling Ring…) or tv shows (Pretty Little Liars, Doctor Who, Fringe, The Big Bang Theory, MisFits, Skins, American Horror History, Sons Of Anarchy…).

Dislike: mind-closed people.

I’m Looking For: A person to speak with (+18), and that with the time, we can be best friends who can talk about likes and dislikes, thoughts, secrets, how our day was, and much more, without taboos or exchanging things like art, photos, …

-Skype, e-mail, snail mail, art exchange, culture exchange,


If you wanna talk, you can contact me by Tumblr or by this email: alcazar.caravaca.victor @

I use iMessage too, my address is the same than my mail  ((:

Víctor. XoXo

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