Name: Eva

Location: Southern California, US

Age: 18

About me:

  • Things I like: nature, hiking, photography, yoga & meditation, music- listening and making, writing, poetry, cooking, tattoos & piercings, meeting new people, painting, Netflix, coffee 🙂
  • Things I dislike: inequality & injustice, rude people, mushrooms hahaha

What I’m looking for:

  • Preferably someone 17+ 
  • Location anywhere (: love to learn about other cultures!!
  • Language English or Spanish but if you know multiple languages including English and would like to teach me then yay!! I’d love to learn
  • I’d like to exchange letters, postcards, art, culture & maybe small packages (:

Really excited to meet & talk to new people!! (: contact me via message on tumblr ( don’t be shy! Xoxo

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