Name: Michelle
Age: 20
Location: California, US

I’m a college student majoring in business administration and i’m hoping to transfer soon. I love the beach and being outdoors in general. I like going on spontaneous adventures and I’m very family oriented. I’m into all types of music but my preferences are indie and alternative. I’m a huge Disney fan and I love animals. My favorite shows are Pretty Little Liars, Teen Wolf, The Walking Dead and etc. I love getting into deep conversations and talking about the universe and life and how it works. If you share any of these similar interests then contact me and lets be friends.

Looking for: I’m looking for long term penpals between the ages of 19-23 from any place. Preferably someone who’d like to email or talk on any form of social media but i’m open to other forms of communication. 

Contact details: 
Instagram – @michellevidales

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