Name: Ashley

Age: 18

Gender: female

tumblr: tokio-ashes / email: tokioashes89@aol.com 

I have had pen pals before but they faded quickly, so I’m hoping this time around I’m hoping to find someone to become real friends with! I’m about to start college so snail mail is fine (with anyone in the U.S. only) but email is more preferable (open to anyone where ever.) I’m also open to eventually skyping and sharing other social media!

About myself: I am panromantic so I am very LGBT positive. I am hispanic and I can speak Spanish but it’s a little effy. I am very shy, and socially incapable of anything, really.

My interest and hobbies range all over! Most of what I really love you can see on my tumblr.

I am a huge musical theater fan, specifically Les Miserables.

I love Marvel comics!

I love to draw (which means I might send some drawings) I love books like Lord Of The Rings, The Book of Lost Things, The Brothers Grimm, dystopian novels, things with the general syfy/fantasy genre. (I specifically love dystopian novels that have LGBT main characters because in a new world/new government not everything should be so heterosexual.) 

And lastly, my range of music goes from Twenty One Pilots, lights, and Gorillaz to One Direction.

I am literal trash. 

So that’s it! You can message me on tumblr if you’re interested!

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