Looking for snail-mail pals


hello! i’m looking for snail-mail pals. I’d prefer just Australia, but overseas is good too. 🙂

name; lucie
age; 23
from: australia

i don’t have a religion; so it doesn’t concern me whether you’re one or any. 

likes; music, movies, tv shows, exploring new places, learning new things about different places, sleeping in, netflix, cooking/baking, doing wordfinds, reading, writing, video games, colouring in/drawing, minnie mouse, some horror films, paranormal encounters, crystals, adorable stationary, stickers, cute envelopes and deco tape 🙂

dislikes; short letters, boring days in, heat/cold (i like just right weather), nothing to do, judgement..

i can’t think of many dislikes now, but i’m sure you’ll find them out eventually, haha.

well, as i mentioned i’m 23, so i’m looking for someone roughly around my age, but it really doesn’t matter. any age, any gender. i’m always up for a good gossip or conversation about random things. 🙂 just shoot me a message on tumblr. 

I usually find the most random things around here, so I generally pop that in with your letter too 🙂

tumblr; l0st-w0nder.tumblr.com 🙂

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