Name: Sierra

Age: 20

Location: Canada

Hi friends! I’m hoping to find a friend or a few friends to chat with, a lot of the people I talk to on a daily basis have lives pretty similar to mine so I thought I might try something a bit different in hopes of learning a bit more about the people I share the earth with. 🙂 I am starting a medical office assistant program next month so unfortunately it has depleted my funds a lot, I won’t be able to send snail mail for at least the next couple months but if you’ll bear with me I love doing those crafty/pinterest-y type things so I promise it’ll be well worth the wait and we can email in the meantime if that’s cool. 🙂 As far as age/gender/location I honestly don’t care, if you want to talk, I’m here! 

Likes: Marine biology, sea life, anything Sylvia Earle related, plant based cooking/baking, live music, reading, documentaries, adventuring, 80’s flicks, Carol Burnett, cake decorating, DIY’s, dancing, collecting concert memorabilia, walking in the rain, night drives/night life, cold weather and green tea. 

Dislikes: Making people uncomfortable, stifling heat, bigotry and putting on jeans after a shower. 

If I sound like someone you’d like to talk to or you want to learn more about me, message me at and I will give you my email. 

I hope to learn more about you and hear from you soon! x

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